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Brain Mechanics provides you with resilience building tools that will get you thriving and feeling like your best self.

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Pioneering Science

Brain Mechanics was developed by a team of physicians, neuroscientists and health technologists. Our solutions are built on a solid foundation of our teams combined 35+ years established medical research.

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Peak Performance

Brain Mechanics is people focused. Our solutions have been  designed to help build resilience and grit, so you can feel calm and balanced. Our advanced, personalized plans will have you ready to perform at a high level.

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Meaningful and Measurable

We use modern protocols, coupled with artificial intelligence and cutting edge wearables designed to induce profound physiological effects within minutes. The result is long-term improvement in cognition, stress and energy.

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To ensure your success we want to start you off on the right foot. Begin your journey with the self trainer or optimize your experience with custom coaching.

Brain Mechanics Self Trainer

A self directed interactive online course and mobile app designed to bust your stress, build your brain power and up your emotional resilience. 12 weeks of comprehensive wellness training that will deliver profound results.

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Brain Mechanics Coaching

For those seeking dedicated guidance & support, we offer coaching & progress assessments to train you, build resilience, manage stress & master your emotions.

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