ZONE Trainer 6 Users

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ZONE Trainer is state of the art technology for brain & resilience performance development 

Zone Trainer was Engineered to help you up your game to the next level and to consistently deliver peak performance.

Our Peak Brain Performance Program focuses on training both your brain and autonomic nervous system using neurofeedback, real-time biofeedback & heart rate variability training while helping you produce more restorative sleep. 

Designed to deliver impactful results to the most demanding clients in the most demanding environments. It's The PERFECT SOLUTION for Athletes, Soldiers/Veterans, First Responders, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Sales & Executive Teams. 

What's Included:

  • Two 30 minute Online Coaching Sessions  per month (for 6 users)
  • Group Emotional Resilience & Mindfulness Coaching
  • Group Heart Rate Variability & Coherence Training
  • Full Self Trainer System Access
  • Weekly Live Group Meditation Class
  • Unlimited Monthly Remote Neurofeedback Training
  • Unlimited Remote Mindfulness Biofeedback Training
  • Real-Time Focus & Stress Management Bio-feedback

At the start of the program, you will meet with your Brain Mechanic Coach, who will prescribe advanced bio-metric monitoring wearables and brain-computer interfaces that quantify your stress, focus, physical recovery and sleep. 

Every two weeks you meet with your Brain Mechanics Coach who will assess the new data points and provide new customized training routines & life upgrading recommendations for the next two week cycle.