ZEN Trainer Gold Kit

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Our Zen Trainer Gold Kit guides precisely how to mediate while higher level results from your Zen Trainer Subscription.

The Zen Trainer helps you to drastically reduce your stress hormone levels, provides the ability to modulate your brain frequencies & enables you to shift your brain states on command.

    What's Included:
    1. Brain-Computer Interface (EEG) Headset with carrying case
    2. 4 Monthly Live Group Meditation Classes
    3. 1 Month of 2 BM Coaching Sessions (With 7 day, Email & Chat  support)
    4. 1 User license to the Self Trainer System
    5. Vibe Zone PLUS Hardware (Eye-wear, Earphones and Ear Clips & Carrying Case)
    6. Vibe Zone PLUS Protocols:
    • Meditation Enhancer
    • Sleep Optimiser
    • Stress Buster
    • Brain Booster
    • Mood Enhancer

         6. Biohacking Stress Online Course @ Brain Mechanics Academy

         7. Curated Stress Busting Supplements

    How it works:

    The brain-computer interface technology used in our Zen Trainer Kits is designed to provide precise data-driven training to induce Zen-like states.

    The Brain Mechanics Academy will assist you in the process of learning foundational meditation practices & gaining key insights to your underlying stress levels. 

    This Zen Wellness Kit includes hand-picked supplements for improving the effectiveness of your meditation practices while also helping to drastically reduce cortisol levels(The Stress hormone) so that you can reach a deeper level of relaxation. 

    Our powerful multi-modal audio, visual and energetic brain entertainment technology allows you to control your mental states on command by the press of a button and triggers the release of neuro-transmitters such as serotonin (the brain's "happy chemical")  and dopamine (the brain's "Feel good" chemical), while also helping you relax naturally.