Tinnitus Smart Well 2.0 (Deposit)

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The Tinnitus Smart Well Service has been engineered to help you to drastically improve the quality of your life. 

What's Included:

  1. Initial Full EEG Neurofeedback Assessment
  2. 1 Monthly 1 Min. HRV, Brain Map and Brain Functional Assessments
  3. 1 Light Monthly EEG Assessments
  4. 2 Bi-weekly BM Performance Coaching Subscription
  5. 1 User License to Self Trainer System
  6. 1 Neuro Trainer (Neurofeedback) Monthy Subscription
  7. Sleep Optimization Plan and Monitoring Service
  8. 16 Protein Folding Optimization Sessions
  9. Nootropic, Gut Biome & Anti-ROS Supplementation
  10. 2 Full Systems Biology Assessments
  11. 1 Bio-photo modulation Monthly Equipment Rental
  12. 4 Monthly Live Group Meditation Classes
  13. Weekly Bio-energetic Cranial treatment sessions
  14. Activity, Temperature & Sleep Bio-metric Ring
  15. ANS Vibe Tuning wearables
  16. Brain Vibe Tunning platform
  17. Brain-Computer Interface Training Headband, EEG sensor add on & case
  18. Vibe Zone PLUS Brain Tuner Hardware (Eye-wear, Earphones and Ear Clips with Carrying Case 
  19. Vibe ZONE Wearable Performance Protocols:
    • Social and Open
    • Clear and Focused
    • Rebuild and Recover
    • Mindfulness and Meditation
    • Relax and Unwind
    • Sleep and Recover