Neuro-Trainer Home Assessment

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Neuro-Trainer Assessment delivers bio-individualized brain performance optimization from the convenience of your own home in as little as 20 minutes.

The Neuro-Trainer assessment is used to establish your brain wave baseline to visualize your progress and helps us quantify the neurological results the Neuro-Trainer is delivering with every training session.

The Neuro-Trainer is a required assessment for users who wish to enroll in the Neuro-Trainer Service. 

What's Included:
  • Overall performance graph: a radar graph that gives a profile of overall brain health.
  • Focus Index: a summary measure related to the ability to maintain focus as measured by CPT performance.
  • Timing Index: a summary measure related to the ability to effectively make rapid responses as measured by CPT performance.
  • Theta Ratios: a summary of EEG metrics involving ratios of theta to: alpha, beta, and low-beta (SMR) activity, respectively, at various electrode sites in a variety of states.  
  • Left-Right Symmetry: a summary of EEG metrics related to left-right symmetry at frontal sites for alpha, beta, and theta brainwaves.
  • Beta Performance: a summary of EEG beta brainwave metrics related to the ratio between high-beta (28-40 Hz) and beta (16-25 Hz), and performing a cognitive task.
  • Alpha Performance: a summary of EEG alpha brainwave metrics related to closing the eyes, peak alpha frequency, and low-to-high alpha ratio.  
  • Task Performance: a table containing a breakdown of the user's performance on the CPT, including raw scores, as well as standardized z-scores and rankings (note that these are based on a comparison database that is still growing).
  • EEG Metrics: Over 20 EEG outcomes including ratios, activation percentages and more, with accompanying insights.  
  • EEG Distribution Graphs: graphs of the distribution of relative/absolute EEG amplitudes across frequency bands for each electrode site.