Mynd Gym Platinum Kit

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The Mynd Gym Platinum Kit delivers the state of the art in mind and body training with the addition of advanced bio-energetic therapies. 

The Mynd Gym was engineered to building up vagal tone, emotional resilience, while delivering serious upgrades to sleep quality, brain functions and brain performance for your community members. 

Choose how you want to feel:

Our Vibe Tuning wearables deliver powerful protocols that can induce a whole spectrum of quantifiable modes from quick afternoon energy boosts, reaching a higher level of focus, becoming more sociable, recovering faster, having a deeper meditation sessions, sleeping better or simply unwinding.

Our Vibe Tuning Protocols induce profound mental and psycho-physiological state changes in as little as 3 minutes per session

Choose how you want to perform:

Our Brain and Resilience head hands and ear clips deliver powerful protocols that quickly train you to reach a higher level of performance, so that you can simply thrive no matter what live throws your way.

With the Mynd Gym all you have to do is choose your performance upgrades and start training. 

Our Personalised Neurofeedback, Bio-feedback tools induce profoundly positive brain and autonomic nervous system changes which train your biology to reach a higher level of performance when it matters the most. 

What's Included:

1. Self Trainer License (for up to 6 users)

2. 2 Month of 2 BM Group Coaching Sessions (For up to 6 Users with 7 day, Email & Chat support)

3. 1 Neurofeedback & Meditation Brain Computer Interface Training Headband, EEG sensor add on & case delivering the following Gaming & Video Neurofeedback Protocols:

Meditation Mood Improvements Attention Training Chronic Pain Memory Improvements Performance Improvements Relaxation Training Sleep Improvements

4. 1 Flow State, Heart Rate Variability Training Ear Clip Devise

5. 1 Vibe Tuning Wristband with following protocols: Energy and Wake Up Social and Open Clear and Focused Rebuild and Recover Mindfulness and Meditation Relax and Unwind Sleep and Recover

6. 1 Vibe Zone PLUS Brain Tuner Hardware (Eye wear, Earphones, Ear Clips Cranial Electrical Stimulation with Carrying Case) delivering the following Protocols: Meditation Enhancer Sleep Optimiser Stress Buster Brain Booster Mood Enhancer

7. 1 VR Headset & Neurofeedback Brain Computer Interface Combo with 3 Month Immersive Environment Subscription.

8. Vibe Zone PRO t-DCS and headband with following protocols:

  • Accelerated Learning
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Reduce Addictive Cravings
  • Improve Motor Skills and Learning
  • Improve Insights
  • Reduce Risk Taking
  • Increase Present Awareness
  • Improve Mathematical Abilities
  • Pitch Perception
  • Improve Attention
  • Memorisation and Learning

9. Alpha and Gamma Mitochondria enhancing, Transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM) device. 

10. NeoCalm Calming & Neurotransmitter Upgrading Hardware and Transdermal Cream.