Gut IQ Assessment

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Gut IQ:  The Solution to Optimizing your Gut's Health.

Gut IQ is a comprehensive 2 month program that optimizes your gut health and assesses exactly what you need to eat to feel better, lose weight, end cravings, and have more energy while providing you with the coaching support you need.

Your gut's health is vitally important because it has a profound impact on your body's metabolism, your brain functions, your ability to regulate your emotions, and your immune system functions. It's even able to directly modulate the expression of your genes via epigenetics switches.

What's included:
  • 1 Pre & Post Brain Mechanic Consultation
  • 2 Full Gut Macrobiome Test: Includes Bacteria, Viruses, Pathogens & Fungi (Before and after intervention)
  • 1 Second Brain Protocol Comprehensive Gut Wellness Optimization Plan
  • 2 Months of Second Brain Protocol Keystone Supplements
  • 2 Bi-weekly 30 minute Recommendation Coaching