Brilliant Minds

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Brilliant Minds provides children with the tools they need to help navigate our complex world with confidence.

Designed for students aged 6-18 yrs, Brilliant Minds is an innovative system that consistently & predictably helps students reach a higher level of mental & emotional regulation control.

Brilliant Minds is built on a solid foundation of over 35 years of research in child and adult development. It combines advanced cognitive science, ancient breathing & emotion regulation techniques with modern technology to deliver revolutionary experiences that instill lifelong wisdom and healthy habits while delivering highly enjoyable practices.

What's Included:

Brilliant Minds comes jam-packed with easy-to-implement resources, pre-configured lesson plans, homework tracking, 70+ scheduled practices, quizzes & industry standard Rubic or Likert scales.

What's included:

-The Full Brain Mechanics Method Practices, quizzes & activities. 

-Full video Curriculum has 3 fully animated programs that include over 200 animations, worksheets, and lesson plans. 

-Full Access to the following Training Modules:

  • Mindfulness Meditation Training
  • Anxiety & Stress Relief Training
  • Social and Emotional Training

What to Expect:

Brilliant Minds makes learning fun! Our program uses interactive audio and animated video content to encourage student engagement. 

After enrolment students begin their journey with a program introduction then begin their work in earnest by watching the first series of animations and learning content; followed by brief daily practices that increase in their level of difficulty as the week progresses and interactive quizzes to re-enforce their recently acquired knowledge. 

As their learning and practical experience grow they begin to better understand the root cause of anxiety and negative thoughts and learn tools they can use to overcome these challenges and cultivate mental strength, resilience, and confidence.