Master Your Stress & Emotions

Optimize Your Performance

Train your brain, body and heart to reach your peak performance levels. This catalogue of programs is jam packed with impactful benefits.
Guided by a professional coach you’ll learn how to optimize your sleep, reduce your stress levels and control your emotions.
Accelerate your brain functions and control your consciousness with ease.
Rejuvenate your mental energy, sharpen your focus and engage in the moment.

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Peak Performance Solutions

Peak Performance Solutions

Peak Performance Kits

Peak Performance Kits

What You Get

Wearables to manage stress, mood, focus, heart rate
and bio-feedback

Online coaching for sleep, stress  and mindfulness

Training platform to track and optimize sleep quality

Online cognitive behavioural therapy systems for learning routines and practice systems

Online tracking to manage and understand meditation, stress, focus and activity levels 

Personalized supplement recommendations for sleep, brain performance and reducing stress

Neuro-feedback and bio-feedback powered meditation. Stress and focus training with online
coaching support 

Online training for neuro-feedback and bio-feedback 

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Master Your Stress and Emotions

Learn how to meditate, govern your stress levels and emotions with ease. Drastically reduce your stress levels and stop your emotions from obstructing rational decision making. Remain calm and focused in a variety of situations. 

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Test Your Health & Wellness

The first step to living a better life is understanding what areas need improvement.
The Brain Mechanic assessments quantify and distill the current state of your brain, neurological and functional health. The results then guide the services and kits that will make up your personalized plan.

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Upgrade Your Sleep

Brain Mechanics offers three sleep improvement services to help you wake up feeling refreshed, fully recharged and ready to take on your day with better daytime focus, memory, creativity & mental clarity.

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Build Resilient Children

Our children live in a complex world. Our catalogue of programs were developed to provide them with the tools they need to navigate it with confidence. Brilliant Minds is the solution that will help them reach a higher level of control over their mental and emotional regulation. Designed for students ages 6-18 years old