Your people are your most valuable competitive advantage


Upgrade your Corporate Wellness

Workdays are becoming longer while the demands & stress are harming the mental & physical health of your employees; these factors reduce the productivity, retention and happiness of your staff..

61% of employees feel workplace stress causes difficulties & has major effects on their lives

20% have quit their job due to stress & another 20% have been driven to tears because of workplace stress

Sleep problems due to workplace stress causes a 33% rise in absenteeism


 At Brain Mechanics we've created SmartWell, a ‘smart’, data-driven corporate wellness program that delivers empowering mind & body care for your employees. SmartWell increases your people’s productivity & decreases your operational overhead.

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How we do it

Smart, affordable and comprehensive individual resilience-building education and training programs. Programs that yield results in reducing employee stress levels and increasing mental and emotional resilience.

Our Innovative group training technologies and services  transform your existing corporate space and your employees homes into a high performance training, stress busting, resilience-building environments. 

What's in it for you

Reduce employee workplace stress levels

Decrease employee attrition rates and absenteeism 

Mitigate stress and mental health disabilities before they occur 

Shorten mental health disability duration

Improve employee productivity and decrease operational overhead

Decrease your overall health cost

The SmartWell Process

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Understand: We listen and consult with you in order to take gain a deep understanding of your culture, your people, your working environments  and your organisation/teams unique needs and challenges. Understanding your needs is the key to creating a solution that upgrades the wellness of your organisation.   

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Build: We then engineer individual & group programs that include advanced biological & neurological wellness assessments, personalized at-work or at-home wellness solutions & group resilience building, and performance upgrading training solutions that results in profound & quantifiable benefits.  

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Measure: We establish a data foundation for each member's biology by assessing their brain, emotional and neurological states to gradually deliver personalised, performance-enhancing solutions which produce measurable results and a tangible ROI from your valuable investment. 

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Coach: We support and coach your team on the use of powerful tools that helps them navigate their biology and develop the experiential wisdom that empowers them to consistently reach peak performance while fostering a thriving environment and result in serious wellness upgrades.