Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT):

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, uses short-term techniques that can help people find new ways to behave by changing their thought patterns. It focuses on how a person's thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes affect their feelings and behaviors.  CBT can have a positive impact on how people feel and act and equip them with coping strategies that help them deal with challenges.

In CBT, clients learn to identify, question and change the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs related to the emotional and behavioural reactions that causes them difficulty in their lives.

CBT help reduce these challenges by helping clients Identify distortions in their thinking, see thoughts as ideas about what is going on, rather than as facts & stand back from their thinking to consider situations from different viewpoints

What is the Brain Mechanics Method?

The Brain Mechanics Method is a comprehensive self transformation methodology that has CBT at it's core, yet it's been further upgraded with both ancient and modern techniques that allow our clients the ability to reach mental, emotional and physical peak performance, on demand and in a consistent basis. 

The Brain Mechanics Method incorporates mindfulness & emotion regulation practices such as coherence training, mindfulness, meditation and breathing exercises that have over 35 years of evidence based science validating their efficacy.

The Brain Mechanic's Method is designed to help guide clients during the self discovery process while gaining the experiential wisdom that results from uncovering key insights to how their reactions to external & internal events can directly impact their stress, sleep, brain performance and well being. 

The Brain Mechanics Method helps our clients develop a stronger awareness and equanimity towards their thoughts, emotions, feelings, bodily sensations before, during or after activating events.

Using these tools our clients learn the practical skills needed to break away from the negative thought patterns that can cause a downward spiral into negative, emotional draining emotional state.  

By consistent practice and applying the Brain Mechanics Method into their daily life, Brain Mechanics' clients begin to strengthen their vagus nerve.

The Brain Mechanics Method & Vagus Nerve Connection

The Vagus Nerve is a key organ that modulates our stress levels along with regulating several key subconscious functions that are vital to good health and wellness.  

Vagus Nerve connects to several organs where it controls Important functions:

1. Heart (Decreasing heart rate, vascular tone)
2. Liver (Regulation of Insulin secretion & glucose homeostasis)
3. Gut (Increased gastric juices, gut motility & stomach acid production)
4. Brain (Regulate Anxiety & Depression, opposing fight or flight response)
5. Mouth (Taste Information transmission, gag reflex, swallowing & coughing)
6. Blood Vessels (Decreasing Vascular Tone, lowering blood pressure).
7. Body Wide (Suppresses Inflammation, via the Cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway)

By increasing their "Vagal Tone" (ie. making it stronger)  Brain Mechanics' clients improve their overall health & wellness while gaining greater control of their psychophiosiology in order to perform at a peak states when it matters the most, while being able to rest and recover at deeper level.

​In short, the Brain Mechanics Method deliver real, quantifiable results by helping it's clients master their emotions to reach their peak performance, on demand and in a consistent basis.

BM Complementary Discovery Call
BM Complementary Discovery Call

BM Complementary Discovery Call

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BM Initial Consultation

BM Initial Consultation

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