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At Brain Mechanics, we transform the lives of our clients by prescribing digital technology and personalised holistic solutions. The result is people who are empowered to perform, sleep and live better. Our mission is to help as many people as possible get back to optimal neurological health and emotional wellbeing.

In order to put our mission to action, we need to create a global movement and that’s where your help is vital!
If you are radically open-minded, trustworthy and truly want to transform the lives of others in an impactful way - we want you to join the Brain Mechanics Collective.

As a Collective member, you’ll be sharing our mission to help spread good health, joy and positive connection while simultaneously supporting the global community with our evidence based, neuroscience wellness solutions.


Who you are

Influential in the community, passionate about holistic health, personal growth oriented, trustworthy, knowledgeable, personable, active on social media, conversation starter, vibrant and healthy!

You might be a: mental health provider, health coach, holistic health expert, naturopathic doctor, meditation teacher, yogi,
acupuncturist, massage therapist, speaker, health or life coach, athlete, fitness expert, coaches, trainers, mind set coach, or health and wellness blogger.

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What you'll do

Share your love for Brain Mechanics in a fun and creative way with photos, videos, reviews, blogs and word of mouth.

Provide unique links and codes for your audience to use. 

Comment and tag @brainmechanics in all posts you are sharing. 

Wear Brain Mechanics gear everywhere. 

Make a difference in someone’s life with Brain Mechanics.

Host meet ups and community gatherings.

Share free Brain Mechanics service samples with clients, family and friends.

What's in it for you

Be part of a community who truly want to transform the lives of others in an impactful way.

Showcase the work you're doing in the Brain Mechanics channels, host Facebook live streams & Instagram takeovers.

Brain Mechanics products and gifts

Opportunity to make up to 35% commission on sales you generate

Discount codes for 15% off to share with your clients and audience

Monthly updates on promotions, contest and sales opportunities

Start earning commissions in 4 simple steps

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Read requirements, sign up through the apply now button and submit your application.

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Log in to the affiliate dashboard, hosted by Lead Dyno.

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Choose an offer that resonates with you, select a promotional method and pick your tools.

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Promote Brain Mechanics to your audience.