ZEN Trainer 6 Users

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The State of the Art in real time, sensor enhanced meditation & emotional resilience training.

Meditation is a path to cultivating peace, focus, relaxation, greater enjoyment of life, and overall well being while increasing productivity, increasing mental focus, decreasing stress levels, and fostering well-being and compassion.

Brain Mechanics uses a novel meditation teaching approach that combines interdisciplinary/full spectrum meditation & resilience practice training with brain computer-assisted meditation coaching that provides a data-driven and therefore precise approach to learning this vital skillset and to building the required discipline to develop an effective meditation practice that will deliver quality benefits in your life. 

What's Included:
  • 2 30 minute Online Mindfulness Meditation & Resilience, Heart Rate Variability & Coherence Coaching Sessions per month (for 6 users)
  • Brain Mechanics Self Trainer System Subscriptions
  • Unlimited Remote Mindfulness Biofeedback
  • Remote Mindfulness Monitoring
  • 1 Weekly Live Group Meditation Class

How  it Works:

We take a data-driven approach in order to precisely determine the effectiveness of your meditation progress thereby providing on-demand control of your own mental and physical states. 

Bio-metric sensors allow us to measure the deep impact our practices are having in your mind and body.

We literally see into your mind and body in order to provide you with the real-time feedback that you'll need to know if you are practicing correctly so we can coach you on applying the needed corrections to sharpen your practice.