Self Trainer

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What is it?

Self Trainer combines advanced cognitive science, ancient breathing & emotion regulation techniques with modern technology to deliver revolutionary experiences that instills internal wisdom.

It's not just an online course or a mobile app, it's an on-demand, stress-busting, brainpower enhancing, emotional governance & resilience skills-building training regime system.

What's Included:

Self Trainer is packed with 70+ therapeutic routines designed to deliver significant results for a reasonable cost.

Self Trainer includes:

  • 6 month access to the Self Transformation Method
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Curriculum
  • Brain Mechanics Self Training Practice Schedule
  • 4 months access to our Weekly online group practices
  • HR or Team Administrator Access

How does it work? 

For each technique, we first teach you foundational knowledge that will provide you with a solid understanding of what it is, how it impacts your body & when it’s a good time to practice it. One of the most important benefits you get is the wisdom you will gain from following each of our practice’s weekly workout routines.

This course is designed in such a way that each workout builds greater practice strength & each new practice lays a greater competency foundation from which you will continue to build upon, all leading towards the goal of building greater levels of resilience, mental & emotional governance, and enhanced overall brain performance.

What to expect:

Self Trainer was engineered by an interdisciplinary team of Neuro-scientist & Board Certified Cognitive Behaviour Therapists to deliver quality lifestyle changes.

The Self Training Program teaches the scientific, theoretical & practical aspect of simple, yet powerful techniques; when the techniques are applied to your everyday life they have the potential to produce real, profound & quantifiable results such as:

  • significantly reduce stress levels
  • increase sleep quality
  • increased mental
  • emotional resilience
  • optimize brain functional performance