Group Training Kits

The Mynd Gym, the state of the art in group neurological health & wellness.

The Mynd Gym is a group, neurological health & wellness training hardware, software & cloud platform that delivers world-class neurological care, at scale, and for a fraction of the cost of current methods.

The Mynd Gym was engineered to building up vagal tone, emotional resilience while delivering significant upgrades to sleep quality, brain functions, and brain performance for your community members. 

How do you want to feel today? 

Just sit back, strap on your Vibe Tuning Wrist bands, decide how you want to feel, and with the press of a button you're there in 3 minutes flat!

Our Vibe Tuning wearables can induce a whole spectrum of quantifiable modes from quick afternoon energy boosts, reaching a higher level of focus, becoming more sociable, recovering faster, having deeper meditation sessions, sleeping better or simply unwinding.

How do you want to perform today?

Our Mynd Gym Brain and Resilience hardware delivers powerful protocols that can quickly train you to reach a higher level of performance so that you can simply thrive no matter what life throws your way.

With the Mynd Gym all you have to do is choose how you want to feel or what area of your performance you want to optimize.

What's Included:

1. Vibe Tuning wearables that deliver powerful Protocols that induce profound biological, mental and psycho-physiological state changes in as little as 3 minutes per session

2. Brain-Computer Interfaces headbands that deliver personalized Neurofeedback, Bio-feedback, Meditation & Needs-driven Routines using engaging brain-controlled gaming and entertainment. 

3.  Heart Rate Variability ear clips that deliver powerful biofeedback training routines that train you to reach flow states (Aka "the zone") on command while building a higher level of emotional resilience and reduced stress levels.